A Cooler Way to Learn English

A Cooler Way to Learn EnglishA Cooler Way to Learn English.

Learn How to Speak EXACTLY Like a Native Speaker.

Better Lessons. Better Results.

Sample Lesson – 132 | Being Single.

In this ESL podcast we talk about our plans for 2013 and our upcoming plans for China232 this coming year. In the English lesson we talk about getting out of a long relationship and getting a fresh start on life. Learn vocabulary for English slang, daily life, and learn to sound like a native English speaker.

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We’re 2 brothers from Canada, near Toronto. We’ve lived in Asia the past 9 or years. We’re in Shanghai and have travelled all over the world. Everywhere we go we see the same thing. People in ESL (English as a second language) countries are smart people, but their English still SUCKS! (Sorry, but it’s true).

It’s weird too. Countries spend so much money on English learning. Young kids start studying ESL at an earlier age at expensive schools using Ipads. Result? Most people’s spoken English still SUCKS. It’s true all over the world. Students want to speak like native speakers but their education system is horrible. Now is 2012 and we want to change this complete joke.

We try to make the coolest, most fun, and most useful ESL podcast in the world. We’re real brothers and we’ve got a lot of real life “everyday” stuff to talk about. It’s freestyle, it’s natural, it’s fun.

We explain all the advance slang and useful English vocabulary you need to have good conversations with native speakers, watch American movies and TV shows (no subtitles), get a great job, study for tests like IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL.

We guarantee you’ll have fun and love our lessons. You’ll improve fast as hell. We talk about real life stuff like relationships, business, going to clubs, travelling, hanging out. It won’t get boring. Grab your Ipad, Android, or Iphone, and get ready to download the best English learning stuff in the world on our ESL Apps. You know you want to improve your English, let us help make it better.

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