BEC stands forBusiness English Course

BEC stands forBusiness English CourseBEC stands for Business English Course.

What does BEC stand for?

What is the abbreviation for Business English Course?


The list of abbreviations related to BEC – Business English Course.

LRE Least Restrictive Environment A.B.D. All But Dissertation EDID Extended Display Identification Data OE Old English CALI Computer Assisted Language Instruction GP Gas Plasma AOS Advanced Operating System.

AACLTP Advanced Audio Coding – Long Term Production AAC-LC Advanced Audio Coding – Low Complexity AES/EBU Auto Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union I3DL2 Interactive 3D Audio Level 2 FPFF Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting TYLE Teaching Young Learners English ALPT Arabic Language Proficiency Test.


Most relevant lists of abbreviations for BEC (Business English Course)

Alternative Meanings.

BEC – Battery Elimination Circuit BEC – Battery Eliminator Circuit BEC – Business Email Compromise BEC – Backward Error Correction BEC – Before Exam Completed.


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