2 Cielo Vista Walmart workers fired after customer is told; You; re in America, learn English

2 Cielo Vista Walmart workers fired after customer is told; You; re in America, learn English2 Cielo Vista Walmart workers fired after customer is told ‘You’re in America, learn English’

EL PASO, Texas — Two employees from El Paso’s Cielo Vista Walmart store have been fired after a viral video surfaced showing one of the pair telling a Spanish-speaking customer, “No, you’re in America, learn English.”

“After reviewing the incident and the circumstances that led to the exchange, we have decided to terminate the employment of both associates involved,” Walmart corporate spokesman Lorenzo Lopez told ABC-7 on Wednesday.

The video had circulated online in recent days. It was not clear from the video what led up to the exchange.

“We want to be clear that the behavior shown in the video does not represent our values, and we do not condone the remarks,” Lopez said.

He added that there’s a “need for our customers and our associates to be compassionate and kind to one another, now as much as ever.”

The Cielo Vista Walmart was the scene of the Aug. 3 tragedy that killed 23 people when a gunman opened fire at the store. The man accused in the mass shooting allegedly wrote a manifesto where he talked of the need to prevent an Hispanic invasion of Texas and the nation.

The Walmart location has erected a 30-foot memorial in the store’s south-side parking lot paying tribute to the shooting victims that is known as the ‘Grand Candella.’

Jim Parker.

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.

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Neither Walmart or KVIA knows what led to this discourse? Then why were the associates fired? What was the context to this exchange? I have been present for a few discourses between non-English speakers getting irate because the clerk doesn’t speak English. I had to step in and interpret for them so they can go on their merry way. Does Walmart policy require associates speak a second language? If they do then they need to hire people that can speak it and get paid more for it.

Calm down nadodave or your hemorrhoids will flare up boo.

Your’e the only hemorrhoid I know.

He is a scum bag.

Damn. There goes their 11 dollar an hour job. All because these two thought it was their job to be the Language Police. Newsflash dummies! English AND Spanish are the two most widely spoken languages in the Americas. Oh well, back to flipping burgers.

You know all about flipping burgers and low wage jobs. Worthless idiot.

Maybe they could get on at a Walmart in Northern Minnesota.

That’s rich. I have gone in to several Walmarts where the employees don’t speak English! Not that I’d want to, but I can’t get a job at Walmart because I don’t speak Spanish. Talk about a double standard.

They’d have to learn Somali for that job.

You mean in Minnesota? Yeah you’re right. Lots of Somali immigrants there.

Well I wouldn’t expect someone in Juarez to speak English even if they should because it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, that’s just rude. Imagine if someone told that to an English speaker in Mexico? “You’re in Mexico speak Spanish.” Would that be news in The Juarez Times? I don’t think it would. Jim’s gotta hustle these stories and get paid though so, I guess it’s news now.

truth of the matter sit on it. My point exactly. You are an uneducated pig like madmike and his 5 friends.

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Or… walmart apesta.

ya, I can use Google translate because Yo tampoco hablo el maldito idioma.

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The employees ARE CORRECT. When in America, SPEAK ENGLISH. ☆ Simple enough, even for dumb as dirt assclowns like Alberto.

The customer is always right. That’s Capitalism 101.

Especially in bi-lingual El Paso.

The entire western hemisphere is “America”. In the part of the world called “America” we speak mostly English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Spanish is the most widely spoken. Not to forget French in Quebec. In El Paso we speak Spanish AND English.

In El Paso markturner speaks crap. The language of delusional libturds.

you just gave dirt a bad name.

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truth of the matter is a coconut? lol. classic.

There was no excuse for these Walmart employees. We are a centuries old border city. Both these people spoke Spanish so their conduct was just rude and their behavior was inexcusable. They should have gone out of their way to help these customers. Maybe they came from a place farther to the south and couldn’t speak English. El Pasoans should be bi-lingual or move.

Que? No comprende pendejo.

you couldnt be more wrong, this is an english speaking country even if we are on the border, this is still america.

You sir are an idiot. There is no national language. If you can’t assimilate move somewhere else.

Sue, sue, sue. Make Walmart your personal biotch. Wrongful termination based upon discrimination. ☆ Is being bilingual a job requirement? Is that clearly stated at time of employment, in writing? ☆ Seems like a nice lawsuit. Take it national. Shine the light, show how prejudiced Wally-World really is…

BigDuffus must have never been in Juarez. Not all, but a substantial amount of businesses in Juarez speak English. This is common sense since they want to attract American dollar spenders. This is dual Language town, people, it has been so for hundreds of years. United States in general is also where a Spanish AND English speaker has a leg up on the ONE language speaker in most facets of American society, like Banking, Commerce and Cultural affairs. El Paso is the same, bilingual speakers are coveted because they attract business from Mexico. Get over your narrow minded attitude that English is the “official” language in the US because it is NOT!

We have neighborhoods in these United States where people have a bit of trouble with English and where Mandarin and Cantonese are the only languages spoken. Thats part of why we are the greatest contry in the world. What language you speak as a citizen of the United States matters not a twit.

Did you say you were a twat? lmao.

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Nonetheless he is still an anti American Marxist and overall nut job.

The last thing I am is anti-American. I’m one of the few posters who respects immigrants and to be a true and patriotic American, you have to do just that. Also, I’ve been a proud capitalist all my life. From your history of posting, I’m pretty sure you are not real clear on what a Marxist is.

B.S. But you never served your country in military uniform dolt. Peace Corps? True patriots give sacrifice and actually serve their county not give b.s. lip service. You fit the categories of Marxist, Communist and Socialist. My good posting ropes your dumbass dope.

Again you demonstrate your complete lack of understanding of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. Please read a book sometime.

Also, your idea of patriotism would be hilarious if it weren’t so sadly mistaken and even tragic.

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