Decide on the future of your business in Latin America

Decide on the future of your business in Latin AmericaDecide on the future of your business in Latin America.

Understand what is happening in your industry, with analysis on trends, market data and key contacts to help you close the best business deals. Find out more.

Electric Power Financial Services ICT Infrastructure Mining & Metals Oil & Gas Petrochemicals Water & Waste.

Electric Power: A comprehensive outlook for Latin America’s energy industry.

Track thousands of projects in Latin America at different stages of development and get news about project financing.

Get thousands of key contacts in managerial and operational roles.

Receive updated information on the large companies in the sector and new electric power market entrants in Latin America.

Find out what investors expect in wind power, biomass energy, geothermal energy, solar energy and more.

Financial services: Get to know the trends, challenges and opportunities in Latin America’s financial services and insurance sector.

Get the most important business news from around the region.

Our Political Risk Report will give you a roadmap of potential headwinds and challenges involving the public sector.

Stay on top of the region’s insurance and reinsurance companies, changes to tax regimes, investment funds and more.

Find out how the region’s banking industry is being transformed through open banking, apps, fintechs and insurtechs.

ICT: Business opportunities abound as the region’s key industries undergo digital transformation.

Get the latest technology and innovation news and insight from Latin America, from the advent of 5G in the region, to M&As, the local startup ecosystem, R&D, AI and IoT.

See which fintechs, insurtechs and service apps could become LatAm’s next unicorn, and how regulation and taxation could affect the development of the local digital services industry.

Learn how telcos are looking beyond the traditional telecoms market to service the extractive industries and other LatAm sectors.

Stay ahead of upcoming regulatory changes and spectrum auctions.

Infrastructure: Stay on top of opportunities in the region’s infrastructure projects.

Create customized dashboards to track thousands of infrastructure projects in Latin America.

Get updates on current private and public sector tenders.

Get up-to-date information on what the most important construction companies are planning.

Explore our project profile database and access thousands of contacts and business opportunities for suppliers.

Mining: Get ahead of your competitors and make decisions based on the analysis and special reports of experts who are in contact with the main players in the mining industry.

Track mining and extraction projects, juniors and trends in mining safety and investment.

Stay informed with news, special reports, exclusive interviews and regulatory updates for each market.

Get updated data on prices of gold, copper, lithium, silver and other minerals and metals.

Receive the daily bulletin of the London Metal Exchange.

Oil and Gas: Obtain data and information to navigate the Latin American industry with confidence, from the macro outlook that affects hydrocarbon prices to progress in billion-dollar oil projects.

Onshore and offshore: deep water and shallow water.

Track the price of oil, legislative and regulatory changes, and market trends affecting the region.

Find new business opportunities with over 5,400 contacts.

Petrochemicals: Track the region’s main petchem projects and analyze supply disruptions that may generate business opportunities.

Find out about new players, regulatory changes and trends affecting the region’s petchem industry.

Up-to-date information on hundreds of petchem firms operating in the region.

Get alerts and notifications when projects change stages or come online, as well as market milestones and general news.

Water and Waste: Get news, data and analysis on Latin America’s water and waste sector.

Coverage from our on-the-ground experts on wastewater and solid waste treatment, recycling companies, irrigation, water efficiency, industrial waste management and more.

Get news about regulations, competitors, political impact, climate risks and trends affecting the sector.

Alerts on opportunities for vendors in hundreds of projects throughout Latin America.

Get key contacts at thousands of investment projects.

Make better business decisions. We’ll give you the tools to make it happen.

Project profiles:

Access key contacts at each project.

Stay up-to-date about changes in stages of development and milestones, and analyze risks.

Save time, we’ll do the research. Receive alerts and updated information via email every day.

Customize your dashboard with the information that interests you.

Business news.

Thousands of reports, news, analysis and interviews in English and Spanish.

Ask our on-the-ground journalists and analysts for specific insight.

Stay up-to-date on the most important developments in your industry.

Customize your daily newsletter. Choose when to receive the news you need.

Company profiles:

See the corporate structure of industry players and find key contacts there.

Follow changes and announcements at hundreds of companies.

Get a complete overview of what happens in the industry. Find out which companies are developing projects in your sector.

Create custom-made dashboards and reports to suit your needs. Follow what your competition is doing, and identify trends and opportunities.

Performance indicators and financial results.

Thousands of statistical series. Commodities. Production, prices and costs.

Access up-to-date and reliable information in one place.

Analyze data in a better, easier way.


Access key contacts at projects and companies.

Know a contact’s professional background.

Stay updated with the latest news about their companies.

Integrate this information in your business strategy. Identify opportunities and improve your results.


Understand your market’s behavior.

Read about specific projects and initiatives, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities.

Get the complete picture: economy, politics and regulatory changes in industries.

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