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WWE Celebrity A.J.

aj styles gay community

Styles Under Fire For Repetitively Using Gay Slurs

A compilation video clip has surfaced online that includes WWE superstar A.J.

aj styles gay community

Styles continuously making use of homophobic language in and out of the ring.

The clip features the 41-year-old Jacksonville, North Carolina indigenous claiming the word “fa *** t” to numerous of his opponents and to a guy off-screen while he was in the center of an interview.

aj styles gay community

You can see the footage here.

Numerous people on the message safeguarded his activities, with one stating “Most of these were from years ago …aj styles gay community as well as he was playing a heel/or simply a character.aj styles gay community Who he remains in the ring undoubtedly isn’t who he remains in reality dammit.”

Somebody likewise questioned the Twitter customers motives in them revealing this currently. “Below’s an inquiry, if you recognized that AJ claimed this …aj styles gay community firstdefence.info state it now as well as not when he first made his WWE launching back in 2022?”

He has actually not released a response regarding this matter as of Thursday early morning.

aj styles gay community


aj styles gay community

has actually been wrestling for twenty years currently but really did not sign with the WWE till 2022.aj styles gay community He has because become one of their most preferred individualities, garnering practically 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram while likewise winning the WWE champion not once yet two times.

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aj styles gay community

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Aj styles gay community

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Undertaker when he understands AJ Styles has big complying with in the gay community

Everybody must pay attention to that clip where modern Uncle Dave instantly went down the customer and made him bent on be this obnoxious asshole for raising the idea that a wrestler can have assistance from the gay neighborhood.