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Aspects of Business English.

The term Business English is very vast. When someone says they are studying Business English or they teach Business English, it is quite obvious that the speaker and the listener may have a different understanding of the statement.

Business English is very different from General English as the content of both is entirely different. In Business English, the topics are related to the world of business, workplace or global business cultures. Also, the skills required in Business English are like giving presentations rather than general speaking. This, though, is changing and soon the difference between Business English and General English will not be so easily demarcated.

Today, there is a high demand for Business English because people are clear about what they want to use English for. In today’s global economy, people want to communicate in a way which will be appreciated and recognized by their counterparts in the international market. They want their English learning to be targeted to this goal and they also want their success to be measured using an international benchmark.

The students who are learning Business English may be different from those learning General English. They can be managing directors of companies or office executives. Like any field of language education, teaching Business English has its own advantages. People learning Business English has a definite purpose for which it is easier to cater to. They get to learn new terms about the business culture and opt new skills as a teacher. Also, they have a huge bank of business-related materials to choose from and they get to meet professionals and learn about the business culture of different nations.

However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Teaching Business English also has its demerits where the learners may not be familiar with some of the specific vocabulary you may have to teach or hard to meet all students’ requirements.

In conclusion, Business English cannot be defined easily. It is not so about learning to speak a new language; it is more about learning to use the language we already know, but in a practical, professional and business context.

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